We have a product design team headed by our chief designer based in Hong Kong with approximately 18 years of experience in the design industry.

An important step in our product development is the initial understanding of, among other things, our customers' needs and requirements, their pricing strategy, image, as well as their competitors. Market research and analysis is conducted by our product design team.

Our design personnel are responsible for developing conceptual design of our product layout and packaging and our sales team would maintain regular contact with our customers to discuss their requirements and preferences. Development ideas may be initiated by us without any preliminary input from the customer, or upon customers' request, where they will provide us with general ideas on, for example, the concept, colour, trend, and material for our further development.

Our engineering unit will then produce prototypes and conduct tests on, among others, temperature resistance test and de-colourisation to ensure stability of our prototypes. For beauty bags, we will also conduct tests on tensile strength. Prototypes that meet our internal and our customers' requirements will be presented to our customers for final approval.

We regularly develop new product designs for presentation to our customers. Changes to our product development may include changes in packaging, formatting, layout and combination of products in a gift set of beauty products. Our design team will choose the designs which they consider will be accepted by our customers. We believe it is an industry practice to develop a wide selection of designs in accordance with the current market trend for our customers to choose from, in order to cater for the business strategy of the customer in that particular year, as well as increasing the chance that our designs will be selected. We also take into account the historical statistics in design selection by our customers in determining the number of designs to be presented to them for consideration.



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