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We principally (i) design, develop, manufacture and sell beauty products, and (ii) design, develop and sell beauty bags. According to the F&S Report, we ranked fifth in the beauty products manufacturing market in terms of revenue in the PRC in 2016 (the market share of the top five players in the PRC in 2016 was approximately 4% in total). Majority of our revenue was derived from sales to customers overseas, including the U.S., United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Sri Lanka and Fuji during the two years period in 2015 and 2016. We believe that we are a well-established beauty products manufacturer in the PRC as we have successfully operated such business for approximately 14 years.

Our beauty products, comprising colour cosmetics, toiletries and fragrances are manufactured on an OEM or ODM basis. Our beauty products are typically sold to retailers and brand owners overseas. Our OEM business involves the manufacture and sale of products based on customers' specifications and guidelines. Our ODM business leverages on the capabilities of our design and research and development teams by creating designs in line with the current market trend, enabling our customers to enjoy our "one-stop service" in terms of design, development and production of quality and tailor-made products.

In respect of the design, development and sale of beauty bags, we provide solutions to our customers on market research and analysis, design and development and production management. We maintain such line of business to complement our main line of beauty products manufacturing business and to diversify the products and services we are able to offer to our customers.

We have also sold beauty products and beauty bags under our own brands namely, "Pink Viva", "Secret Lace" and "Gorgeous Girl Forever", to one of our top five customers, which is a globally renowned chain superstore originated in the U.S.


We put
intelligence and
creativity in


We are dedicated to creating from concepts to innovative & multifunctional designs that worth for values for our customers' needs. We strive to provide the highest quality products to our customers through design, marketing and manufacturing solutions and from design, developments to delivery.

We are committed to deliver our service and products through dedication, innovation and integrity.


Key milestones
in the development
of our Group

Year Milestone
1994 Incorporation of Takbo
1999 Incorporation of B&B
2002 Establishment of Cosbe
2003 Commencement of operations of our Cosbe Facility and the manufacture of toiletries products
2006 Cosbe first obtained ISO 9001 qualification
2007 Commencement of manufacture of fragrance products
2008 Cosbe first obtained GMPC qualification


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